"Helping provide healthy food to those in need!"


Farm Stand is now Closed

Now by appointment only.

Event Date Time Location
Indoor Farm Stand  Closed  Cowboy Trail Farm
 No Events    Private
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CSA Baskets
Fresh, Organic and Local CSA Baskets are no longer available!

Baskets were filled with vegetables, herbs and fruit from Cowboy Trail Farm, but these will not be offered in the future.

Fall CSA is full!

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Why You Should Join Us!

Organic Edibles was formed for three reasons:

 To benefit people by giving direct healthful food assistance to families in need.

 To help the community by educating families how to grow local and healthy food in the desert.

 To show families how to improve their quality of life with healthy low cost sources of food in their homes.

You can help your family and our group achieve the above dreams by checking out and signing up for our NEW 2014 CSA Basket (community supported agriculture) program. Click Here For More Info!