The Las Vegas Valley is important to us and that is one of the many reasons that Organic Edibles was incorporated as a nonprofit organization. We are in the process of forming partnerships with other groups like the Obesity programs Center and Senior Centers to help reach those in need.

Since 2011, Marilyn has helped various schools set up a new garden program. She also started Kidzgrow2 program to teach children about were their food comes from by letting them plant veggies and they return to eat what they planted.  The 3rd Annual event was held on April 27th.

Thanks to a generous donation this year (2014) , Organic Edibles is teaming with other non-profit organizations to provide education and providing  food baskets to several groups.

Our first program this year began on May 17th with Children’s Heart Center of Nevada. The purpose of this Healthy Hearts Program is to help “at risk” children and their families.  The families  come to the farm and learn about growing and the benefits of healthy produce.  There were cooking demo’s with fresh food from the garden and the benefits of eating fresh organic veggies was explained to everyone.



 Future programs are being planned to help senior centers


On May 27th a group of students from Explore Knowledge Academy came to the farm to learn about growing in the desert. 


We are always happy to talk to young people about how and why they should explore growing their own food.




If you think these programs should be continued, then we need your help.

YOU can help us educate and supply healthy food to people in Las Vegas in three ways.

1. Click on our donate button to provide the funds we need to help.

2. Participate in our CSA program as we use a portion of funds received to provide food to others.

3. Volunteer to help us reach our goals.

Please email us at for information on how you can help us!

Your help is needed to make our organization a success.

We need help at the gardens with planting and maintenance.

Plus we need web design and content help.

And as always, we need your donations to keep us operating.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us over the past four years.