Contributions to Organic Edibles are deductible under section 170 of the IRS tax code and are used to provide assistance to children and seniors who have health issues due to poor diet. We have hands on educational programs to deal with diet affects on obesity and heart problems.

Organic Edibles LV, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) public charity which is a tax exempt corporation..


Our Mission

Organic Edibles was formed to benefit individuals by giving direct food assistance to people in need and by providing education on how people can improve their quality of life with healthy low cost sources of food.

Organic Edibles was formed for three reasons:

 To benefit people by giving direct healthful food assistance to families in need.

 To help the community by educating families how to grow local and healthy food in the desert.

 To show families how to improve their quality of life with healthy low cost sources of food in their homes.

You can help your family and our group achieve the above dreams by checking out and signing up for our NEW 2014 CSA Basket (community supported agriculture) program. Click Here For More Info!

Or join our meetup site to make sure you are receiving the latest gardening and preservation tips as well as keeping up with what is happening at our Farm.


Our Story

The organization has begun a test garden located in Las Vegas, Nevada to determine the most efficient plants the public can grow on their property to provide quality healthy food for their families.

When we began experimenting with ways to share knowledge with those who were interested in backyard gardening, we discovered that people who wanted to grow their own food, not just as a hobby but as a necessity, as they could no longer afford to purchase wholesome food for their families.

As a result, free classes were started and held at least once per month to teach people how to start and maintain their gardens in the Southern Nevada desert.

As this project progressed it became evident that the need was so great that more sources of funds were needed to achieve our goals. To do the most effective work, the organization applied for and became a 501(c )(3) non-profit corporation.

The sources of funds to finance this operation come from two sources. Donations and the sale of some of the produce obtained from the garden to support this organization.

As the garden is developed it will provide larger quantities of organic produce. It is the plan to sell about fifty percent of the produce to quality chefs in the local area. The proceeds from these sales plus donations will be used to help finance the operational cost of the garden.

The balance of the food produced will be given to people who need assistance or to organizations that already have programs in place to assist the elderly and others in need.

Currently, the information obtained from the garden test program is being shared with the general public by free workshops. In addition, the organization is having expert guest speakers on soil, plants, trees and related topics from local providers and the University (UNR extension) to provide information free to the public.

We have finished our  Kid’s plot.  Members who are learning to grow at the garden will be encouraged to bring their children to learn about healthy foods and to experiment with growing in an area reserved for their children.

Please Help Us

We need your help to make our organization a success.

We need help at the gardens in Las Vegas to help with planting and maintenance.

Plus we need web design and content help.

And as always, we need your donations to keep us operating..