On Sunday, April 27th, Organic Edibles held it’s third annual KidzGro2 planting season. 

 If was a great event with new young gardeners eager to learn.  

 Actually, this is a two event event.  The first was the education and planting. 

 Next will be when the Kids return in a few weeks to eat what they have planted.

KidzGro2 is a program that educates and inspires kids in the Las Vegas community about where food comes from. 

They are eager to discover that vegetables don’t actually magically appear at the grocery store .


   Space is always limited, so be sure to check our meet up site to find out when the next event will take place.



Also, remember to check out our CSA baskets so you provide great organic food for your little ones.

March of the Seeds

   You can get up-to-date information on our current events at our MeetUp site …. Click here!