Do Veggies Grow in the Desert?

Have you ever asked “Can you really grow veggies in the desert” . . . well , the answer is YES !

Our Tomato Plants

The Organic Edible Group / Cowboy Trail Farms is here to share our expertise in growing in Southern Nevada. We’re here to help those who want to learn how to grow healthy food and to provide assistance to those who don’t have enough healthy food to eat.

If you are a newbie or experienced, you’ll learn and have the chance to help others in our community.

We’ll visit those who have been growing veggies , herbs, and fruit trees at home as well as assist those who are just getting started. We’ll all be able to share ideas, extra seeds, recipes, etc.

We’ll visit commercial local growers and support their efforts as well.

So…Let’s get dirty together !

If you want to eat healthier, be “greener” plus help those in our community who need assistance, come join us.



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